CARE Package Suppers Toolkit - CARE

CARE Package Suppers Toolkit

CARE Package Suppers help raise awareness of the issues surrounding gender inequality in our world, creating opportunities for guests to learn, collaborate, reflect — and act! — together. Use this toolkit to get started on hosting your own CARE Package Supper.


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Ecuador Food Systems Policy Actions

In 2021, CARE Ecuador with the support of the Civil Society Alliance against Child Malnutrition hosted a dialogue based on the urgent need to combat child malnutrition. Conversations also focused on the expressed work of CARE Ecuador and the provincial governments of Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, and Bolivar, and how these networks can improve the production and living conditions of rural women in these provinces. This policy brief offers an overview of the topics covered and desired policy outcomes from dialogue participants. Read More

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Gender in Brief: South Sudan

Gender relations in South Sudan are shaped by the social and economic realities of being one of the world's poorest countries and by decades of conflict. Traditional gender norms which guide everyday life for most South Sudanese put responsibility of household chores, as well as collecting firewood, fetching water, care work for children, elderly and the sick on women, while girls help them. Read More

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Standard Operating Procedures – NW Syria

This resource package is intended to support GBV specialists who are considering integrating CVA into GBV Case Management to support GBV survivors in their recovery in collaboration with cash specialists. Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs) and accompanying tools are shared that align with best practice guidance and tools, including the Cash & Voucher Assistance and Gender-Based Violence Compendium: Practical Guidance for Humanitarian Practitioners and the WRC CVA and GBV Toolkit. Read More

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