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Impact Magazine features stories and updates on CARE’s work around the world, including emergency response, programming that empowers women and girls, and our mission to defeat poverty. The magazine also profiles donors and partners who support and advance our work. A print version of Impact Magazine is mailed to a segment of CARE donors, and the digital version is posted here.

In each issue, we highlight specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) our interventions address. SDGs represent a collective, global commitment to a transformed world.

Do you have feedback or suggestions for future issues? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a note at impact@care.org.

Issue 29

Message from CARE CEO

An opening letter from Michelle Nunn, President and CEO of CARE. Read More

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Paving a path to climate resilience: Ancestral knowledge and women’s leadership

Rather than depending on outside experts, CARE Guatemala has prioritized the knowledge of indigenous communities, learning about ancestral conservation practices and how they can be adapted to meet today’s climate challenges. Read More

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Following their lead: A model for girl-led activism against early marriage

For 16-year-old Arpita Bosunia of Deuti, Rangpur, Bangladesh, CARE's Tipping Point project ignited an inner activism. Read More

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Empowering voices, nourishing hope

Over two days in June 2023, CARE Women's Network members united in Washington, D.C., with advocates from across the nation for CARE on Capitol Hill. Read More

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Morocco: Going online to fill gaps in early childhood education

Recognizing gaps in both access and content, CARE Morocco developed Bright Horizons, an e-learning program that builds on CARE's extensive education and advocacy experience. Read More

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Beyond words: Visual stories bring CARE’s work to life

Juan Echanove is CARE's Associate Vice President of Food and Water Systems. He frequently visits projects around the world and documents his trip reports as visual narratives. Here, Juan shares one of his stories. Read More

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Power in partnership: Strengthening localized emergency response in Nepal

Currently in its pilot stage, CARE Nepal's Humanitarian Partnership Platform is convening and engaging local humanitarian partners to respond to natural hazards such as earthquakes, floods, and landslides. Read More

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Kindness and CARE in action

Since 1958, members of the MD19 (Multiple District 19) Lions in the Pacific Northwest have exemplified the power of collective kindness through their strong partnership with CARE. Read More

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CARE packages and courage

As a young girl, Areta and her family were forced to live in a labor camp in Austria. Receiving CARE packages while displaced helped keep Areta and her family fed, clothed and hopeful. Read More

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