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Depeche Mode World Tour Benefits CARE

Depeche Mode posing with their instruments in New York.

Photo credit: Anton Corbijn

Photo credit: Anton Corbijn

Impact Magazine: Issue 30

Depeche Mode, the legendary electronic rock band led by Martin Gore and Dave Gahan, is not only embarking on a worldwide tour to promote their latest album “Memento Mori,” but they are also making a significant impact on humanitarian efforts. With an impressive 15 albums under their belt, over 100 million records sold, and having played live to over 35 million fans around the world, Depeche Mode are seasoned veterans in the music industry and esteemed members of the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame.

Depeche Mode’s partnership with charitable organizations is not new; it has continued from previous tours where funds were raised for teenage cancer and water and conservation. When asked about his philanthropic inclination towards various causes, Gore stated, “When you look at all the things that happen… we all feel so helpless. If everybody just sits back and does nothing, then the world is far worse off.”

“I remember my eyes being opened quite a lot as far back as 1983/4 because we went on a tour to Asia, which was somewhere I’d never been before, and we were used to inequality in the UK, but that took it to a different level,” Gore relayed in an interview with CARE President and CEO Michelle Nunn when the tour stopped in Atlanta in October.

Martin Gore of Depeche Mode sat down with CARE CEO and President Michelle Nunn. Photo credit: CARE / Brooks Lee

Martin and the band also gave several lucky CARE supporters the chance to attend a special VIP meet-and-greet before the show. One concertgoer shared, “I am a super fan, and seeing them perform ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ live was my favorite concert moment ever; there’s something about that song that instantly brings me joy, and I can’t believe I actually got to meet Martin Gore!”

While on tour, Depeche Mode is actively supporting CARE through various fundraisers and through donations collected on guest tickets. Last August during a stop in Warsaw, Depeche Mode held a “meet-and- greet” auction with CARE Poland staff. This event alone raised $17,000 for Ukraine refugee relief and was widely covered by local media.

Gore and his wife Kerrilee are long- time CARE donors, contributing to relief efforts in Ukraine, the earthquakes in Türkiye/Syria and Morocco, and helping fund the Film School at the Azraq refugee camp in Jordan. The Film School provides teens with filmmaking skills and an outlet for their own storytelling.

CARE is grateful for the generosity and compassion of Martin and Kerrilee Gore and the members of Depeche Mode, and we wish them continued success on their tour. For more information on Depeche Mode’s partnership with CARE, please visit care.org/dm.