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Your Lasting Impact: Donors Like You

A black-and-white photo of a woman standing next to three other people to hold up a wall.

Photo credit: Ginny Ubik

Photo credit: Ginny Ubik

Impact Magazine: Issue 30

From her initial role in Ecuador, Ginny Ubik’s career with CARE unfolded as a series of successes and advancements. She transitioned from a field representative in Peru to regional director in the USA/Atlanta office, overseeing CARE’s initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean. In between, she dedicated her efforts to communities in India, Guatemala, Bangladesh, and Haiti.

Ginny thrived in the dynamic environment of CARE, relishing the variety each day brought. “One day, I’d be halfway up a mountain in the Andes on my way to a water source, just me and a few locals,” she recounts. “A couple days later, I might be meeting with a senior government official on project plans.” The constant unpredictability, coupled with the lasting impact of CARE’s work, defined her career.

In a poignant moment at the German Embassy, an ambassador shared that his family had received a CARE package after World War II, underscoring the enduring significance of CARE’s contributions.

Retirement did not mark the end of Ginny’s commitment to global well-being. Through qualified charitable distributions, she channels crucial unrestricted funds directly from her IRA to CARE, supporting transformative programs without incurring tax liabilities on the distributed funds.

Ginny invites others to join her in experiencing the profound joy of witnessing communities build water systems, experiment with new crops, and stand resilient against discrimination. Contact CARE at 1-800-752-6004 or plannedgiving@care.org and contribute to a cause that holds great meaning—for Ginny, for you, and for countless others around the world.

“It’s a tremendous thing to see a community build a water system, try a new crop, or stand strong in the face of discrimination. I will always cherish the memories from my CARE career—a career that offered me so many adventures, allowed me to work with some wonderful characters and gave me the chance to be part of something truly worthwhile.”