Deliver Lasting Change


Kallani had trouble finding work until CARE taught her to dairy farm. Now she helps her neighbors grow their dairy businesses.


Instead of shipping food, we teach women to grow their own. That way, their CARE Package® will never run out.

A Voice

We can't ship justice in a CARE Package®, but we can help women find their voice to fight for their rights.

The CARE Package®

CARE Package®. You’ve heard the term. Maybe you sent one to your daughter or son in college. Maybe you received one from your own parents at camp. You might not remember what was in it, but you probably remember the love and connection you felt when you sent or received it.

What you may not know is that CARE coined the term "CARE Package" in 1945 when we started sending packages filled with food and other essentials to survivors of World War II.  Since then, our mission has grown from delivering food in boxes to delivering lasting change to the people who need it most.

Today’s CARE equips women and their families with the tools they need to create sustainable change and escape poverty for good. Instead of delivering powdered milk in boxes, we teach women to raise their own cows. Instead of sending notebooks and pencils, we train teachers, build schools and show parents how educating all of their children is the best investment they can make for their family’s health, prosperity and happiness.

Today’s CARE Package can’t be contained in a cardboard box. Today’s CARE Package has no expiration date. It delivers sustainable change to the world’s poorest people, and its contents never run out.

Lasting Love

Meet Leo & Helga, an American soldier and a German WWII refugee whose love story began with letters and CARE Packages.

Give the Gift of Lasting Change

Honor someone with a gift and help families in developing countries lift themselves and their communities out of poverty.

History of the CARE Package

Learn more about CARE's rich history, and how we came to invent the CARE Package in 1945.

Where We Work

CARE works in 87 countries around the world to support over 900 poverty-fighting development and emergency projects.