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Thousands of Schools in Mozambique Reduced to Rubble due to Cyclone Idai

More than 300,000 kids had their educations interrupted following the destructive storm

More than 305,000 children in Mozambique had their school interrupted because of Cyclone Idai. The massive storm hit Southern Africa in March, destroying homes and infrastructure. Many schools and classrooms were reduced to rubble. Those left standing are being used as shelters for displaced families.

CARE, as part of the COSACA humanitarian consortium, is setting up temporary classrooms so that children can pursue their educations. The temporary classrooms are made of tarp, which helps prevent leaks, and are located near the damaged or destroyed schools. To accommodate as many children as possible, classrooms operate in three shifts per day.

Around the world, women and girls confront unique barriers for everything from earning a living to attending school. Girls facing a stalled education are three times more likely to be married before they turn 18. And when disaster strikes, they’re more likely to be left behind, so CARE is working to ensure that at least 50 percent of the children are girls to make sure they are getting equal access in the midst of this dire humanitarian crisis.

Girls living amid humanitarian crises face a high risk of violence and exploitation on the road to safety. Hear other girls’ stories and sign the petition to help make them Safe From the Start.

*Additional footage by Josh Estey

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