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CARE Celebrates World Health Worker Week with Trusted Partners

A doctor works with a woman to take her blood pressure.

Photo: CARE / Bithun Sarkar

Photo: CARE / Bithun Sarkar

Atlanta, GA, April 9, 2021 — CARE is thrilled to celebrate the sixth annual World Health Worker Week (WHWW), from April 5th- 9th. The week of global advocacy is a collaboration between the World Health Organization and 40+ members to call on policymakers to act on behalf of healthcare workers around the globe. CARE continues its work to advocate for health workers’ rights and respect as part of the Fast and Fair campaign, generously  supported by trusted partners including Aptar, Bank of America, Facebook and The UPS Foundation. 

Launched in 2020, CARE’s Fast and Fair Campaign is a two-year vaccine initiative that works with national, regional and local governments to ensure vaccine delivery reaches those most at risk, including women and frontline health workers. Notably, women are central to the Fast and Fair Campaign, as they make up 70% of the frontline workforce and contribute $3 trillion dollars to the global economy every year. Despite the numbers, HALF of this work is unpaid and unrecognized. Women frontline workers help build trust, educate patients, protect rights, and deliver lifesaving vaccines and services.  Given the pervasive threat of COVID-19, ensuring women healthcare workers have fair pay and working conditions and acknowledging their ongoing essential contributions is paramount. 

CARE also spotlights frontline healthcare workers in its latest report, “Our Best Shot: Women Frontline Health Workers in other countries are keeping you safe from COVID-19.” CARE examines the economic benefits of halting the pandemic and unveils several options for investing in vaccine delivery. The findings reveal that a comprehensive vaccine delivery requires policy makers to invest $5.00 dollars in delivery for every $1 they spend on vaccines themselves.  

  • Half of that $5.00 would go to funding, training and equipping healthcare workers. 
  • $0.15 would be set aside for childcare costs, to make it possible for frontline health workers to function effectively. These hidden costs are mostly overlooked in the debate on public health policies, but CARE continues to centralize the role and rights of the healthcare worker. 

World Health Worker Week is a clarion call that world healthcare workers deserve protection, recognition and respect.  CARE’s core belief is none of us are safe until all of us are safe. CARE encourages global leaders to prioritize the livelihoods and safety of frontline healthcare workers. We must ensure frontline health workers are first to receive the vaccine when available in their country and have supportive working conditions for women health workers, including childcare, hazard pay, and funds for health-related expenses. CARE believes in protecting and investing in women around the world and deeply appreciates, respects, and thanks frontline healthcare workers for their tireless efforts.

Learn More About CARE’s Vaccine Efforts Here

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