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CARE Morocco starts distributions for earthquake-affected populations

Moumen Aomari / CARE Morocco

Moumen Aomari / CARE Morocco

CARE Morocco, Marrakech, 21 September 2023The humanitarian organization CARE Morocco has started distributing relief items to families in the Atlas Mountains that were affected by the 8 September earthquake.  The organization is planning to reach 50,000 people. 

For many years, we have been working with these same communities, supporting their development, the financial independence of women, and the education of small children,” said Hlima Razkaoui, CARE Morocco National Director. “Today, and in close coordination with the Moroccan authorities, we are standing with them at their time of great need and will remain by their side as they recover from this devastating earthquake and restart their lives.” 

Yesterday’s distribution reached the people of Outghal village, part of the Aghouatim commune, two hours by road from the regional capital Marrakech. Outghal, which lies 145 km from the earthquake’s epicenter, was heavily hit, with over 70% of homes either destroyed or seriously damaged. The families, many of whom still sleep out in the open, received blankets, food, water, and hygiene kits.  

Many of those we’ve been working with have also lost livelihoods – farmers, tailors, small-scale producers of olive oil or soap, ” Ms Razkaoui added. “We will support them as they restart their economic activities, with particular attention to women and girls.” 

CARE Morocco has also started providing psychological support, given that the disaster had a huge mental health impact on the affected populations. The organization plans to reach some 50,000 people with both short-term relief items and longer-term support for recovery and reconstruction. 

The magnitude 6.8 earthquake was the most powerful in Morocco in over a century and the deadliest since 1960. Its death toll currently stands at nearly 3,000 with over 5,600 wounded. 

Note to editors: CARE has been working in Morocco since 2008, established under Moroccan law as an explicitly apolitical, independent, and non-denominational organization. In Morocco, CARE’s mission is to support individuals and families from deprived communities, promoting equal access to economic opportunities. Our programming focuses on three main areas: education, economic empowerment, and governance. CARE works extensively in Al Haouz province, which was most impacted by Friday’s earthquake.  

Media contact:  Anisa Husain, CARE US Press Officer:  anisa.husain@care.org 

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