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New Powerful Earthquake Strikes Herat Province, Urgent Aid Needed for Thousands

Another powerful earthquake struck Herat province in western Afghanistan on October 11, 2023, leaving thousands more residents in dire need of aid. The magnitude 6.3 quake struck near the city of Herat, the provincial capital, with impacts felt across the region.

Four days after the October 7 earthquake, which affected over 12,000 individuals and resulted in more than 1,000 deaths along with numerous injuries, the situation has taken a devastating turn. Thousands of homes have been reduced to rubble, forcing many residents into shelters.

“The people of Herat have already endured significant hardships, and this subsequent earthquake has only further exacerbated their plight. We are actively mobilizing our resources and have deployed 5 mobile health clinics to provide critical medical assistance. We have prioritized the injured individuals and affected population, with a focus on women and girls,” said Reshma Azmi, CARE Afghanistan Deputy Country Director.

“Since October 8, we have also distributed essential items, including dignity kits, blankets, tarpaulins, ready meals and water to an estimated 2,500 affected individuals. Following this second earthquake, our top priority is the provision of medicine, as the regional hospital has already reached full capacity. In addition to shortages of medicine, the need for shelter, food, and water has become pressing.”

The crisis is exacerbated by the current underfunding of the humanitarian response plan, leading to a rapid increase in urgent needs. The arrival of cold temperatures, coupled with this latest disaster, is poised to further aggravate the existing difficulties, making it increasingly challenging for the affected population to meet basic needs.


CARE has an office operating in Herat since 2020 with 133 staff members. All are safe. CARE’s health projects in Herat have been quickly redirected to support those affected by the earthquake.

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