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Empowering Community Prosperity: A VSLAiE Case Study

The Raqi Group is a VSLA in Emergency (VSLAiE) group in the rural area of northern Aleppo, in the Qabasin community of Al Bab sub-district, near the Syrian-Turkish border. One of the VSLAiE members, Imad Amro, shares his experience.

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Moving a Step Ahead: A VSLAiE Case Study

Maryam Ahmed lives in the Ghandourah community in the countryside of Jarabulus, Syria. The economic situation in her community is dire and she shares how they suffer from a lack of job opportunities and special activities that specifically serve women. When available, job vacancies are mostly exclusively for men. Through the VSLA in Emergencies (VSLAiE) pilot, Maryam had the opportunity to join a group in her community and begin a Sharia compliant group investment. Read More

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Water Programming in Ethiopia (Amhara Region)

CARE Ethiopia has been implementing Water programs in Amhara State Region for almost 2 decades, funded by multiple sources. The SWEEP project was implemented from November 2017 to 2021 and the second phase project (IWRA) is under implementation since December 2021. Both projects are funded by the Austrian Development Agency and both have the objective of improving the food security and resiliency of chronically food-insecure households, especially rural women living in Belesa woredas of central Gondar. This document gives a visual representation of the projects at a glimpse. Read More

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2023 Annual Water+ WASH Systems Award

This year, we award our annual WASH Systems Award to our many CARE teams working to strengthen WASH systems in humanitarian and nexus contexts. This award is in recognition of their tireless efforts to ensure WASH as a basic service in the wake of humanitarian crises, and their efforts to begin addressing the structural and systems barriers to WASH in fragile contexts. Please join us in celebration, and read our 2023 WASH Systems Award brief. Read More

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