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We make all of CARE’s evaluation and research reports available for public access in accordance with our Accountability Policy. These are available at our Evaluation Library.

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Enabling Inclusive Food Systems

September 22, 2020

CARE’s Food and Water Systems Annual Report on our reach and impacts within CARE’s food systems approach to address inequalities in food systems for the world we seek – one with food security, access to clean water, improved nutrition, and climate justice for all. Against CARE’s global Food and Nutrition Security and Climate Change Resilience indicators, this report features 19 projects, plus CARE’s ongoing COVID response data, across 17 countries, and includes suggested key actions for policymakers, donors and national governments, the private sector, and individuals to drive a gender-just transformation in food systems.

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She Told Us So

September 22, 2020

Rapid Gender Analysis: Filling the Data Gap to Build Back Equal. This first-of-its-kind research that reveals differing perspectives between men and women when it comes to the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on first person survey feedback from 6,200 women and 4,000 men in nearly 40 countries, women were more likely than men to report challenges across three (3) main areas: Livelihoods, Food, Mental Health. This Rapid Gender Analysis data was collected using context-appropriate tools, including SMS surveys, WhatsApp and phone interviews and when safe in-person conversation. This real time, first person interaction allows CARE to move quickly and understand response gaps. The goal of this approach is not to elevate women’s concerns above men’s, but to make sure they are heard in the first place.


COVID’s Impact on Women and the Private Sector’s Rapid Response

September 21, 2020

As COVID-19 upended lives, communities, and economies across the world, women and girls have felt a disproportionate impact from the pandemic. Although governments responded with varying degrees of success, some of the most compelling and effective response has come from NGOs and the private sector. This report shares global trends related to COVID-19’s impact on women, CARE’s recommended responses to protect women and girls, and how select private sector actors have responded.

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