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Time for a Better Bargain: How the Aid System Shortchanges Women and Girls in Crisis

March 3, 2021

In recent years, donor countries and agencies have engaged in unprecedented discussions and commitments to gender equality, from setting feminist development policies to passing UN resolutions on Women, Peace and Security. But despite the talk, the numbers tell a different story—one in which women and girls still get shortchanged. This report assesses the top 11 donors and 5 UN agencies on three priority areas.

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‘IF WE DON’T WORK, WE DON’T EAT’ Syrian Women Face Mounting Food Insecurity a Decade into the Conflict

February 24, 2021

Ten years ago, the lives of many Syrians changed profoundly as violence erupted between the regime of President Bashar al-Assad and armed resistance forces. The resulting humanitarian crisis is one of the worst of our time – 6.7 million Syrians remain internally displaced; 11 million people are in need and 12.4 million live with food insecurity.

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2021 CARE Action Advocacy Agenda

February 1, 2021

The 117th Congress has an opportunity to bolster the United States’ standing in the world as a global leader in humanitarian assistance and international development. With record numbers of people displaced from their homes and in need of aid, heightened climate crises and food insecurity, worsening gender inequality, and now a global economic downturn, all occurring amid a historic global pandemic, the actions taken and policies developed in 2021 will be decisive.