From food and nutrition, to education, to livelihoods, Join My Village supports CARE programs that address communities’ most critical needs. Find out how we are helping.

Food & Farming

Farming in Africa is a critical source of both income and food. Gaining new agricultural practices benefits families and communities as they learn how to manage their land more sustainably and grow and prepare nutritious meals.


Village Savings and Loan Associations enable groups of people who lack access to traditional banking to pool their savings, make small loans to each other, and grow their earnings which enables them to start small businesses and more.


CARE is improving education from the ground up by engaging students, teachers, parents and communities in providing school facilities, training for teachers, leadership opportunities for students, and more in India and Africa.

Video Highlights

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Cuckoo for Cocoa Beans

60% of the world's cocoa beans are produced in Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire by small-holder farmers. Through Join My Village, CARE trains these cocoa farmers in sustainable agricultural practices to produce the best quality product while ensuring women have an equal chance to succeed.

Udaan: Accelerated learning for girls in India

Join My Village is supporting Udaan programs to give more girls in India a chance to continue their education and lead better lives. Learn about the challenges girls in India face to become educated and how Join My Village and CARE are working to ensure all girls have an equal opportunity to learn.