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CARE Youth Summit

CARE Youth Summit

Join us on July 17 as we come together to empower and amplify the voices of young leaders to change the world.

July 17, 2021, 1-5 p.m. EDT

Young adults from across the globe will join in discussion and training on how to advocate for causes and to stand up for social justice. Join us via the Whova app for an event where you will meet other like-minded youth, be equipped with tools and resources and be inspired to take the next step on your advocacy journey.

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Once you take that first step you’re most likely going to be hooked because you’re going to feel how your voice does matter and your actions do matter.

Peter Martin

Meet Our Speakers

Hannah Lapides

Boston, MA
Content Coordinator

Alexandra Elkhoury

Southwest Ranches, FL
Networking/Extras Specialist

Jenny Hu

Cincinnati, OH
Social Media Manager

Kierahn Johnson

Frankfort, KY
Logistics and Content Consultant

Samantha Baldelomar

Riverside, CA
Extras Communication Organizer

Ellen Nguyen

Riverside, CA
Content Coordinator

Ulviya Narmin Hoque Chisty

Dhaka, Bangladesh
Global Youth Advocate, Marketing & Social Media Manager

Katie Kraft

St. Paul, MN
Deputy Director of Advocate Engagement, CARE

Ellen Carmichael

Cincinnati, OH
Executive Director, CARE Action

Corinne Paul

Washington, D.C.
Global Health Policy Advocate, CARE

About CARE

Our network of more than 27,000 CARE Action advocates are dedicated to change – changing U.S. foreign policy and changing lives for the better around the globe. Our advocates represent a diverse range of backgrounds, experience levels, and perspectives, but we all share a common passion – to eradicate poverty and empower women and girls worldwide.

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