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The CARE-WWF Alliance in action

A woman stands in the foreground wearing bright blue, red, and yellow clothing. A group of kids stand behind her smiling.

Photo credit: James Morgan / WWF-US

Photo credit: James Morgan / WWF-US

The CARE-WWF Alliance is active throughout the network of both organizations — implementing, partnering, convening and sharing in areas of the world that are impacted by climate change, where one or both institutions have an active presence or have established local partners.

Climate change is a universal problem, yet impacts are diverse and optimal local solutions are unique to each community and region. While always grounded in the mission to work through and support the power and resilience of local women and their communities, the Alliance is flexible in its approach based on local circumstances and existing programming.

The CARE-WWF Alliance program priority is Sowing Change, a livelihood to leadership a livelihood-to-leadership initiative that provides access to resources and skills for young women to generate income through nature-based enterprises and lead their communities to identify local solutions to climate-induced challenges.

Sowing Change is based on the success and learnings of four distinct programs that illustrate the Alliance’s diverse approach:

Mozambique: Primeiras and Segundas Archipiélago

Following the official launch in 2008, the CARE-WWF Alliance began working on its first programming area: the Primeiras and Segundas Archipelago off the coast of Northern Mozambique.

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Tanzania: SAGCOT

The Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT) program is a public-private partnership initiated by the Tanzanian government to encourage increased investment in agricultural growth in a way that is both environmentally sustainable and inclusive of small producers.

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Tanzania: Nachingwea

Nachingwea’s miombo forest is near the Selous, one of Africa's largest and most threatened forest reserves.

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Nepal: Hariyo Ban

The CARE-WWF Alliance’s second programming project took place in Nepal, lasting from 2011-2021.

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Other programs

The Alliance is also involved in several global programs that include CARE and WWF in a wider partnership collaboration. In these programs the Alliance contributes in a variety of ways, including conducting research, convening partners, and generating and disseminating learning among others. The programs currently include: