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Pakistan Humanitarian Crisis

A boy walks through a flooded dirt path alongside some rubble. Behind him, a few adults and children walk together.

Photo credit: Maryam Imtiaz/CARE

Photo credit: Maryam Imtiaz/CARE


Catastrophic flooding in Pakistan has affected more than 33 million people, with women and children most at risk in the weeks and months to come.

About the Crisis in Pakistan

More than 1,200 people in Pakistan have been killed and there is widespread destruction of homes, roads, schools, health facilities, other infrastructure, and loss of livestock. Entire villages have been swept away. People are living out in the open with basic sheets over their heads and access to latrines is very limited. CARE is very concerned about the outbreak of waterborne diseases including diarrhea and cholera, which will make the already dire situation even worse.


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How to Help Pakistan – What CARE is Doing

“When disasters like this hit, we know from experience that it’s women, girls and other marginalized groups who face the biggest challenges including access to humanitarian assistance,” says Adil Sheraz, CARE Pakistan Country Director.

CARE is providing lifesaving humanitarian assistance including tents, tarpaulins sheets, emergency latrine kits, and everyday essential items including cooking pots, mosquito nets and menstrual hygiene products. CARE is also planning to set up safe spaces for women and children in the camps for displaced people.

*Last updated September 20, 2022