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Gender Expertise

A group of women, all wearing face masks, sit together around a table.

CARE puts gender at the heart of all we do.

When we say all, we mean it. Our staff, our strategies, our programs and even how we measure the impact of our work — all of these are grounded in gender equality principles and best practice.

We’re confident our programs are creating lasting change for women and girls in all their diversity around the world because we have the expertise to achieve this and the evidence to prove it. From our Gender Marker to our social norms approaches, we believe CARE has one of the most comprehensive collections of tools, approaches and models for achieving gender equality impact.

We’re also looking to the future — responding to the ever-changing global context and anticipating the needs of the women and girls of tomorrow. Our library of resources is continually growing as our thinking evolves.

CARE’s gender tools and models

Learn more about the ways CARE integrates gender into all we do.

Gender Marker

CARE's Gender Marker leads the sector as a self-assessment scoring tool to track how well our projects are creating change for women and girls. Read More

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Gender Equality Framework

Our experience shows that achieving gender equality requires change across all aspects of women and girls’ lives. This means addressing the root causes of gender inequality so women and girls see lasting change in their power and choices, rather than just a temporary increase in opportunities. Read More

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Reflections on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (REDI)

CARE’s REDI training allows staff the opportunity to consider how their own attitudes and experiences relate to their work and the effect this can have on the power dynamics they encounter in their role. Read More

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Girls in Action

Girls in Action supports girls to build movements for change on the issues that matter to them most. Read More

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Gender Transformative MEAL

CARE ensures our Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning (MEAL) is grounded in the voices and choices of those we work with. Read More

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