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Gender Equality Framework

Our experience shows that achieving gender equality requires change across all aspects of women and girls’ lives. This means addressing the root causes of gender inequality so women and girls see lasting change in their power and choices, rather than just a temporary increase in opportunities.

CARE’s Gender Equality Framework – which acts as our theory of change – guides how we approach this in our programs. We aim to promote change in all areas of women’s lives through building agency, changing relations and transforming structures.

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Our aim is to build agency of people of all genders and life stages, change relations between them and transform structures so they can and be able to contribute equally to, and benefit equally from, social, political and economic development.

How do we achieve this? By engaging with all aspects of women and girls’ lives — their home, their community, the society in which they live — in multiple ways. We aim to influence positive change in their public and private lives so women and girls can realize their full potential.

See what this looks like in practice through the story of journey of Harshani, a woman from Sri Lanka starting her own motorcycle workshop.  

Key resources

Gender Equality Framework Overview

CARE's Gender Equality Framework guides how we approach gender equality across all our programming. This is based on our experience that achieving lasting change in the power and choices women have over their own lives requires transformative change.

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Gender Equality Impact Area Strategy - Vision 2030

CARE’s Gender Equality Framework is central to our Gender Equality Impact Area Strategy and our goals under Vision 2030.

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Why Agency? Analyzing impact across CARE’s Gender Equality Framework

Two years into CARE’s Vision 2030, trends in how we report the gender equality impact of our programming are starting to emerge. This Learning Behind the Numbers brief reflects specifically on how projects are reporting impact against CARE’s Gender Equality Framework and how we can better capture impact in the future.

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Creating Lasting Change: Learning from projects working across CARE’s Gender Equality Framework

Projects reporting impact across all areas of CARE’s Gender Equality Framework are more likely to create lasting change in people’s power and choices. This Learning Behind the Numbers brief showcases some of our top-performing projects and highlights what we can learn from these.

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