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Czechoslovakia was one of the countries supplied with the famous CARE packages after the World War II.

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CARE Czech Republic implements multiple projects. In 2019 it worked on a 11 humanitarian and development interventions. In Zambia, CARE Czech Republic supported the local community and refugees in the Mantapala camp in business and ecological brickmaking, and in Chad, it aided people affected by extreme drought and conflict to rebuild their livelihoods. In Niger, CARE Czech Republic focused on supporting families’ livelihoods and helping women and girls.

CARE Czech Republic has also been involved in rebuilding the infrastructure of Mosul in Iraq. It has also long been active in southern Ethiopia, helping pastoralists to adapt to the effects of climate change. It also supports the education of children of refugees from Myanmar in Thailand and, more recently, in Jordan of children of refugees from Syria. CARE Czech Republic also continues to focus on the development of NGOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Finally, it has been working in Georgia since the last year supporting the ecologically oriented development of the local countryside.

CARE has a long history in the Czech Republic. Czechoslovakia was one of the countries supplied with the famous CARE packages after the World War II. Between 1946 and 1950, CARE provided more than 170,000 packages to post-war Czechoslovakia.

With the onset of totalitarianism, the Czech office was abolished, and awareness of CARE disappeared in society. CARE returned to the Czech Republic under the auspices of CARE Austria in November 2007.