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Chef's Table: Social Media Toolkit

CARE Chef's Table in Washington, DC

What is the CARE Chef’s Table Social Media Toolkit?

CARE Chefs make a difference in the fight against global hunger by using their platforms to change the way policymakers and communities think about food security and nutrition. From raising awareness on social media and hosting dinners to lobbying on Capitol Hill, amplifying your work with CARE can educate and inspire people to act.

Take advantage of the resources below and tell your network to #FightHunger.

How can I join the fight against the global hunger crisis?

Time is of the essence. A staggering 828 million people face hunger and malnutrition globally. Legislation that would help feed the world will soon expire in U.S. Congress, leaving millions without reliable access to food.

Without food, there is no future. Together, we will urge U.S. Congress to reauthorize and strengthen international food aid programs in the Farm Bill and elevate the role of gender within food programs to fight acute and chronic hunger worldwide. 

Take action

Let your network be part of the action by asking them to advocate with you and urge Congress to make hunger history and nourish a better tomorrow.

Today, as many as 828 million people worldwide are hungry. That’s why strengthening international food aid is SO IMPORTANT. Join me in calling for a better #FarmBill 👉 https://bit.ly/3NNIk8O #EndHunger

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It’s time to raise our voices and advocate for a bill that can make a transformative impact on food security worldwide 🌍🧡. By advocating for a #FarmBill that prioritizes global food security, we are taking a significant step towards a more just and equitable world 💪. Join me 👉 https://bit.ly/3rtRfow #EndHunger

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ONE person is estimated to be dying to hunger every FOUR seconds. Let’s put some pressure on Congress make a transformative impact on food security worldwide 🌍🧡 by reauthorizing and strengthening the #FarmBill. Join me 👉 https://bit.ly/43x7lf1 #EndHunger

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Fighting food insecurity worldwide must take into consideration building climate resilience. In a country where climate change is having catastrophic impact on food production, this uplifting story from #Zambia proves just how important to reauthorize and strengthening the #FarmBill. Join us at care.org/EndHunger 

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With your investment and partnership, CARE can respond now and in the long-term to the millions of families nearing the brink of famine and ensure that communities we work to empower survive the shocks that threaten their access to nutritious food. Donate link here.