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5 Things You Need to Know about Food Aid Reform

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Farm Bill Includes Lifesaving Reforms to U.S. Food Aid

Thank you to our advocates for supporting food aid reform in the Farm Bill. The new changes mean we can feed almost 800,000 more people, without spending an extra dollar.

Maximize Aid to Typhoon Haiyan

Food Aid Reform will require food aid to be purchased locally, meaning food will reach those in need faster while boosting the local economy.

Stretch Our Dollar Further

U.S. food aid has been critical in saving lives and addressing chronic poverty and malnutrition. We have helped more than 3 billion people in more than 150 countries. But the current system, which requires shipping food from the United States to hungry people in need, is outdated, inefficient and slow - risking lives when every moment counts. And it's inefficient: as much as half of funding is spent on transportation and administrative costs.

Food aid reforms that include more local and regional purchasing and phase out monetization will allow lifesaving assistance to reach millions more people each year without costing taxpayers more.

By providing more flexibility to purchase emergency food from nearby, local markets instead of shipping it from thousands of miles away, this approach empowers farmers in developing countries, many of whom are women.

More importantly, the food would arrive more than two months faster, a lifetime when a child is starving.

As emergencies in Syria and other parts of the world worsen, we cannot afford to wait. 

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Senate Passage of the Farm Bill Includes Lifesaving Reforms

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Food aid reform would enable food to reach the hungry more than 2 months faster.

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How American food aid can hurt local farmers

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Currently, half of all money spent on food aid is spent on transportation costs.

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A Food Aid Miracle Waiting to Happen

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Why CARE Believes the Time is Right for Food Aid Reform

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CARE applauds Senate passage of the Farm Bill that includes lifesaving reforms to U.S. Food Aid.

We Could Feed 4 Million More People

And not even spend an extra dollar. Watch the video to learn more.


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