CARE Moms Speak: Chef Asha Gomez

CARE Moms Speak: Chef Asha Gomez

Do you think being a mother has impacted your need to get involved in work that “gives back?” 

Even before I became a mother I think I was passionate about social justice and alleviating suffering wherever it was.  Becoming a mom made it feel even more tangible and real on a personal level. When you become responsible for another human being and develop a sense of stewardship, it's only natural to want to work toward leaving a better world for my child to inherit.

Does CARE’s work specifically connect to you through your role as a mother?

 As a mom I  have a personal resonance with CARE's work around the world.

I adopted my son  from an orphanage in India when he was 3 years old. For the first few years of his life he lived on a subsistence diet of rice and lentils. Some of the health and emotional problems he faced were directly an impact of the malnutrition and the impoverished environment which were his early formative years. I have seen firsthand the transformative impact of the things that many of us take for granted like proper nutrition, love, and nurture can have on the well-being of a child and their families. When I think how far my son has come and how much he has flourished and his potential realized, I wonder how many other families around me and around the world could benefit from unrealized potential with the right resources and support.

The world is a big place, and there are lots of challenges here at home. Why do you support CARE’s global efforts?

I don't think one has to choose between tackling problems at home and around the world. I would say that there is an interconnectedness between the challenges we face here at home and poverty issues around the world. We can work on problems locally and on a micro level but also help support organizations like CARE that are working on a macro level view of the world. In my mind, the fact that any child goes hungry in our world of abundance is a travesty that we must all work to eradicate. When I was younger I thought I would have to join the Peace Corp as a volunteer or amass lots of wealth to affect real change. I've learned that by supporting the efforts of an organization like CARE, I can as an individual join in the chorus of voices to help those without a voice, my time and resources can link with other resources to really make a difference around us now rather than later. Healthy, productive communities around the world mean healthy, productive families here at home.

Do you have message you’d like to share with moms from countries around the world where CARE works?

What I have learned as a mom, and I what I have seen and experienced  with mothers around world is the sense of resilience to overcome obstacles and this innate sense of wisdom that is common to all of them. I hope that moms trust that wisdom and rely on that resilience as they work to better themselves and their families.

How long have you supported CARE?

I've known about and been a supporter of CARE for a long time but I've been integrally involved for about a year and a half now.