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Jeremy Mines

Jeremy Mines

Food is global, connecting all of us. And in nearly every culture, people make deep connections over food, binding them together bite by bite. Yet more than 828 million people do not have enough food to eat. CARE is working with renowned chefs in the fight to end global hunger.

Since 2014, CARE has worked with socially-conscious chefs interested in influencing U.S. policymakers and advancing CARE’s international food security policies. Given their close connection to food and the ability to bring people together, chefs are uniquely positioned to change the way policymakers and communities think about food.

“Chefs can have an incredible impact. We don’t just change menus. We change minds.”

Chef Asha Gomez

Meet Our Chef Advocates

Hari Cameron

Chef and founder, Grandpa (MAC) (Rehobeth, DE)

Cat Cora

Chef, author, and restaurateur (California)

Michael Corvino

Chef and founder, Corvino Supper Club & Tasting Room (Kansas City, MO)

Nicholas Elmi

Chef and owner, Laurel Restaurant (Philadelphia, PA)

Kurt Evans

Chef, activist, co-founder and COO of Everybody Eats Philly, founder of EMI Dinners (Philadelphia, PA)

Asha Gomez

Chef and cookbook author of My Two Souths: Blending the Flavors of India into a Southern Kitchen (Atlanta, GA)

Carla Hall

Chef and cookbook author (Washington, D.C.)

Ingrid Hoffman

Chef, TV personality, author  (Miami, FL)

Ben Kaplan

Co-founder and CEO, PLNT Burger (Boston, MA)

Michelle Kwak

Pastry chef, KIN (Boise, ID)

Antonia Lafaso

Chef, cookbook author, and TV Personality (Los Angeles, California)

Shay Lavi

Owner, Let’s Eat (Atlanta, GA)

Matthew McClure

Executive Chef, The Hive (Bentonville, AR)

Spike Mendelsohn

CARE Chef Advocate Lead | Chef and restaurateur, Good Stuff Eatery, We, the Pizza, Béarnaise, Santa Rosa Taqueria (Washington, D.C.)

Judy Ni

Chef and founder, bāo • logy (Philadelphia, PA)

Whitney Otawka

Chef and cookbook author of The Saltwater Table (Cumberland, GA)

Laurie Watkins

President and Chief Catalyzing Officer, Sunshine L.A.W. Consulting (Jupiter, FL)

CARE Chef Advocates Gather in Washington

In March 2022, CARE brought 13 chefs from around the country to the nation's capital to learn about issues of global hunger and how chefs can advocate for global change.

Our Advocacy to End Global Hunger

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4 Ways Gender Inequality Increases Food Insecurity

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Get Involved

CARE Chefs are making a difference in the fight against global hunger. CARE Chefs host advocacy dinners, participate in our National Conference, interview with the media, raise awareness on social media and host fundraisers to fight hunger.

Contact to learn more.