Girl Most Likely To: Escape Her Fate

Girl Most Likely To: Escape Her Fate

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For a girl with untapped potential, child marriage could end her life before it starts.


Angie is 13 and lives in a one-bedroom house with her family in Honduras.

Her mother works long hours as the family’s sole breadwinner. Her father, her mother’s third of four husbands, was murdered. Her step-sisters got pregnant at a young age and they and their children live with Angie and her mother. Angie is in charge of all the cooking and cleaning.

Sometimes life in this crowded household gets so unbearable that Angie escapes and stays with other families in the community.

At school, Angie is quiet and shy, but through creative activities, like painting, she’s showing signs of coming out of her shell.

When asked about her dreams, she has simple, but telling wishes:

A bigger house.

More food.

To not end up like her sisters.

If she stays in school, she might be able to achieve these things for herself. But even as her teachers and CARE staff visit her home to reinforce the importance of Angie’s education, the pressure from her family to become a child bride — and alleviate their financial burden — persists.

Help CARE fight for Angie, and millions of girls just like her, to stay in school and choose her own fate.  

See how CARE is keeping girls in the picture by sending them to school!


Angie, 13, Honduras