Girl Most Likely to: Rise Up in Support of Education

Girl Most Likely to: Rise Up in Support of Education

After her father was severely burned when their family home caught fire, Ana Cecilia, age 15, faced great hardship. Her father could not work for several months and the family struggled to stay together, but the tight-knit community of rural San Isidro, Honduras rallied behind them.

Last June, Ana was elected student government president, getting 75 percent of the vote. After class, she leads a school improvement discussion with other student government members. “I wanted to be president to really do something for my school and community,” says Ana, before heading to her next stop. Every afternoon Ana tutors 72-year-old Francisca Benitez, one of 155 illiterate adults in San Isidro.

Cecilia, Ana’s mother, is proud of her. “My daughter has the traits of a leader,” she says.

CARE helped build the school in San Isidro in 1976. Since then, we’ve improved classroom performance, family health and boosted family income by forming microfinance groups and business and marketing training.

“There have been massive changes,” says Cecilia. “Today, women and girls have more opportunity than before.”

Through education and self-confidence, Ana has become a leader, working to rise up and bring other youth – both girls and boys – with her.