Girl Most Likely To: Start a Revolution

This ‘Disposable’ Girl Became The Most Educated Person in Her Village.



Indian Cyclone Response Shows Disaster Prevention Saves Lives

ATLANTA - An estimated 1,000 villages, towns and cities in India's Odisha and Andhra Pradesh states have been left without electricity after Cyclone Phailin destroyed nearly seven-and-a-half million acres of crops and flooded low-lying areas of the coast — home t


Cyclone Phailin Hits the Eastern Coast of India and CARE Responds

Oct. 13, 2013 - Cyclone Phailin has hit the southeastern coast of India with a speed of more than 200 kms per hour and an expected rainfall of 20 cms on Sunday 13 October.


Ramkishore’s Realization

In early 2010, with an infant in her arms, another on the way, and a heavy load of daily household chores, Meeta quickly grew weak and ill with exhaustion. But Ramkishore, her husband, did not help her with the chores.


I Am NOT Going to Die!

“Sarita, Sarita, you are going to be OK!”


Q&A with Suniti Neogy of CARE India

Suniti, tell us about your job.

I've been working for CARE for more than 10 years. I focus on gender and health issues, and work with families, service providers, NGOs and the government – all at the same time!


Empowering Girls to Learn and Lead

The Power to Lead Alliance (PTLA) aimed to create, strengthen, and scale-up diverse leadership opportunities for girls in six countries [Egypt, Honduras, India, Malawi, Tanzania, and Yemen] through extra-curricular activities, social ne