Nepal Earthquake: Race against time to deliver urgent shelter before monsoon rains

CARE to distribute emergency shelter kits to 30, 000 people over the next month


Nepal Earthquake: No home to protect from the rains

 “When I felt the earth shaking on the day of earthquake, I could hear my neighbors screaming and running here and there. While everyone was either trying to get out of their house or trying to find a cover, I was struggling even to stand up.


The Takeaway: Amid Crisis, Nepalis Turn to Buddhist Culture

Lex Kassenberg, CARE Nepal’s country director, gave an on-the-ground update of CARE’s response to the Nepal Earthquake on The Takeaway


Nepal Earthquake: CARE to distribute shelter and hygiene kits to survivors in remote areas

Kathmandu, NEPAL (April 28, 2015) — International aid agency CARE plans to distribute emergency shelter and hygiene kits this week to nearly 2,500 vulnerable people impacted by the earthquake in Nepal.


Nepal Earthquake: Are We Going To Die?

The second earthquake hit this afternoon, and everybody started screaming. Everyone is afraid that there is going to be another, stronger earthquake. My nieces and nephews keep asking us, “Is there going to be another earthquake?


Los Angeles Times: Nepal Earthquake Death Toll Tops 3,700

CARE’s Santosh Sharma tells The Los Angeles Times about the early impact of the Nepal earthquake: “People have been pooling their resources together, but there will soon be problems with food a


CNN: CARE CEO Helene Gayle Addresses Nepal Earthquake

Helene Gayle, president and CEO of CARE, tells CNN what CARE teams are doing to assess the situation on the ground in Nepal. 


Nepal Earthquake: CARE mobilizing aid teams as survivors rocked by aftershocks

  • CARE launches urgent appeal for funds as death toll in Nepal rises.