Learning Tour Alumni Testimonials

Learning Tour Alumni Testimonials

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[This trip] did refocus my attention on the issue and how so many actors need and want funding for FNS. It made me ask myself, do we do a good job currently? Can we be more efficient? 


– Phil Karsting, USDA Foreign Agricultural Service 
Mozambique and Djibouti Learning Tour, 2015


I want to thank CARE for the trip; it was one of the most memorable trip experiences of my life.

- Rep. Lois Frankel (D-FL)
Malawi and Kenya Tour, 2015


[After having gone on this trip with CARE] I can be more specific – I don’t have to talk in generalities. I can give examples of women’s empowerment. 

– Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) 
Malawi and Kenya Tour, 2015

It was about families and I was so happy to meet people one-on-one and really understand some of their concerns.

– Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) 
Guatemala Learning Tour, 2015


[CARE Learning Tours] strengthens my working knowledge and it strengthens my relationships. I have always been interested in these issues but to be immersed with the poor is so personally moving. It helps me explain to my constituents why foreign assistance is important. 

– Rep. Fortenberry (R-NE) 
Guatemala and Honduras Learning Tour, 2014

Having the opportunity to speak to beneficiaries was the highlight for me. Each stop was comprehensive and we got a lot of time there. The delegation was a great mix of people – from policymakers to the Administration, the media and private sector.  We all learned from each other.

- Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.),

Uganda Learning Tour, 2012

It’s very important that we get outside because we spend a lot of money overseas and we need to know how it’s being done. It’s important for us to go and get beyond the paperwork, the statistics, the PowerPoints and the slideshows to see the people and actually get to talk to them.

- Congressman Jack Kingston (R-Ga.),

Uganda Learning Tour, 2012

On a Learning Tour, you can see with your own eyes how seemingly small changes actually save lives. When you come home and share your experience with other people, they listen more closely because they can sense you’ve witnessed something very important.

– Christy Turlington Burns,

Ethiopia Learning Tour, 2010

[We were in] a very, very rural area…[I] talked with a woman who said her life has completely changed. That's a huge thing. In Congress, we often see a budget…I wanted to see how it worked on the ground.

– Congresswoman Kay Granger (R-Texas),

Peru Learning Tour, 2010

How can you make a decision about an appropriation or a policy unless you see it for yourself and talk to the people? Walk where they walk, listen to them and ask questions.

- Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minn.),
Kenya Learning Tour, 2009

Care Learning Tours are so terrific because you are able to see so many different programs. You’re seeing education programs, your seeing health programs, you’re seeing economic empowerment programs.

- Anita McBride,
Executive in Residence, School of Public Affairs at American University; Former Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff to First Lady Laura Bush

On these trips we take key decision makers from congress and the administration as well as people from government, media and the private sector all over the world to see the impact of US foreign assistance programs firsthand.

- David Ray,
Vice President of Policy & Advocacy, CARE USA

I don’t think you can really understand what goes on unless you really come and see and touch and feel.

- Congressman Ander Crenshaw,
U.S. Congress (R-FL-04)

When you see firsthand some of the taxpayers dollars that are being spent, it does give you a sense of pride to say this is America, we are Americans and we are helping people.

- Congressman Ander Crenshaw,
U.S. Congress (R-FL-04)

CARE is really doing things in this village to make a difference. So coming here and seeing this first hand really takes the lesson and the message of CARE to a real level; to a personal level.

- Senator Dick Durbin,
U.S. Senate (D-IL)

The most important thing I can do is go back to my colleagues and say you really need to do this. Its part of your education and you can’t make good decisions unless you see it.

- Congresswoman Kay Granger,
U.S. Congress (R-TX-12)

It’s actually talking face to face with someone who is experiencing thee challenges and understand how CARE’s work is actually helping them. 

- Congressman Mike Quigley,
U.S. Congress (D-IL-05)

You saw well kept households, you saw newly planted fields, you saw crops ready to be harvested. It was quite a remarkable experience. 

- Ambassador Jimmy Kolker,
Assistant Secretary for Global Affairs, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

On this delegation, on this Learning Tour we have seen it over and over and over again: men and women want to be able to take care of their families, they want economic security and they want to raise their children in the best way possible. 

- Congresswoman Barbara Lee,
U.S. Congress (D-CA-13)

CARE has been leading the Learning Tours since 2009 and we intend to do them for many years to come. When you come on a LT you’ll be challenged, you’ll be inspired and you’ll see the best of US foreign assistance. 

- David Ray,
Vice President of Policy & Advocacy, CARE USA

(Speaking to a group of beneficiaries in Tanzania) We are so proud of what you have done. We will tell our colleagues how good and how successful you are. And we will tell them to continue to provide the support that has brought you this success. 

- Congressman John Garamendi,
U.S. Congress (D-CA-3)