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CARE Speakers Series

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The last year has been a very challenging time for everyone everywhere. For the first time in a generation, the world faces a common crisis: COVID-19. Not only are we facing a global pandemic, we are facing major concerns about systemic racism in our country. Every day brings new changes that we must face, confront, and make choices about.

That’s why CARE has launched the CARE Speakers Series, bringing together influencers, celebrities, and experts who bring fresh perspectives to today’s issues, translate ideas into action, and lead in crisis.

The greatest danger to our future is apathy.

Jane Goodall

Each speaker has a unique approach to the problems we face as a global community, particularly in the face of COVID-19. Now more than ever, we need the leadership of these exceptional thinkers and doers as we work together to chart a path forward that is equitable, just, and inclusive.

Join us and get to know the leaders who translate ideas into action and lead through crisis.

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Episode 21: Life, Work, Equality, and Aging Beautifully

Join longtime friends Iman and Isabella Rossellini for an inspirational conversation.

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Episode 20: Moments with Financial Leaders

Glenn Hutchins, Elizabeth Rossiello, and Lona Stoll discuss the risks and opportunities of blockchain technologies.

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Episode 19: Moments with World Leaders

Secretary Albright, Secretary Clinton, and Secretary Kerry reflect on how to tackle current and future challenges.

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Episode 18: Moments with Mothers

Our "Moments of CARE" May series began with celebrating mothers and their children reflecting on the next generation.

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Episode 17: A Decade of Impact in Cocoa Communities

Join us as we celebrate CARE and Cargill's Decade of Impact, and hear from some of our incredible speakers!

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Episode 16: I AM AN ACHIEVER

Caterina Fake, Rachel Hartgen, and Bianca Lawson discuss the topics of girl's education, leadership and STEAM education.

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Marley Dias, Paola Mendoza, April Reign, and Sofía Sprechmann Sineiro discuss gender equality among the COVID-19 crisis.

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Episode 14: I AM A FIGHTER

Ingrid Hoffmann, Dolores Huerta, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, and Sandra Xiquin discuss gender equality and food justice.

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Episode 13: I AM A LEADER

Top executives Laura Coates, Nicole Clifton, Julie Plec, and Asahi Pompey discuss the fight for gender equality.

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Episode 12: Humanitarian Priorities - Q&A with Amb. Samantha Power and Michèle Flournoy

Amb. Samantha Power, President Biden’s Nominee, USAID Administrator, and Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

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Episode 11: CARE’s Global Humanitarian Response to COVID-19 and Gender-Based Violence

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and Co-Founder of LeanIn.Org

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Episode 10: Racial Injustice

Reverend Al Sharpton, Founder & CEO, National Action Network

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Episode 9: Community Service & Food Insecurity

Brad Paisley, GRAMMY Winner and Country Music Superstar & Kimberly Williams-Paisley, CARE Ambassador

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Episode 8: Women Leading in Crisis

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, First Female President of Liberia & Nobel Peace Laureate

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Episode 7: Women Leading in Crisis

Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Prime Minister of Iceland

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Episode 6: The Urgency and Importance of CARE's Work Now

Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, Honorary Chair of CARE’s 75th Anniversary

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Episode 5: Interpreting This Moment in Time

Henry Louis Gates Jr., Director of the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard University

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Episode 4: Survivor Healing and Empathy Through Action

Tarana Burke, Founder of the 'Me Too' Movement

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Episode 3: Global Health & COVID-19

Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg, Former Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration

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Episode 2: The Gender Implications of COVID-19

Mark Suzman, CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, with Kalpana Jha, Dorcas Taylor Tucker & Beatriz Borges Urrutia

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Episode 1: Systemic Inequality and the Power of the Vote

Stacey Abrams, Founder Fair Fight Action

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