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Hunger is Stalking the Globe

Risk of death from common infections, stunted growth, impaired cognitive ability, and reduced school performance are just a few of the devastating consequences faced by hungry children around the world every single day.

More than  820 million  people worldwide –  that’s 1 in 9!  – don’t know where their next meal will come from; even more –  1 in 3 – suffer from some form of malnutrition. The global hunger crisis is real, and it’s growing.


But  thanks to support from friends like you,  CARE  is fighting back against poverty, violence, and inequality in 100 countries  across the globe – and  as hunger and chronic malnutrition continue to threaten the world’s most vulnerable populations, we’re scaling up  our fight for food security.

When you  FIGHT WITH CARE®, you fight for food security for mothers like Aisha, and her daughter Fatima.  During a major crisis in Niger, Aisha  relied on CARE’s nutritional clinics to save her daughter’s life.

Your generosity saves lives around the world every single day. Thank you again for fighting with CARE, we truly couldn’t do this life-changing work without you!

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