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Newsweek: As Halloween Candy Sales Soar, Donations Run Low for Nigeria's Starving

Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

With Halloween sales expected to skyrocket over $10 billion this year, a study found that the most sought after candy in America is Reese’s peanut butter cup. Many of us have enjoyed this popular chocolate candy with peanut butter in the middle.

In the African nation of Nigeria, children are desperate for a peanut product that can save their life. It’s made from a peanut paste that comes in similar packaging to Reese’s except it’s called Plumpy’Nut. Enriched with vitamins, Plumpy’Nut is given to children who are suffering from severe malnutrition in impoverished countries. This peanut paste saves children’s lives.

Children in Nigeria need Plumpy’Nut to survive as record levels of hunger are occurring there because of conflict, poverty and the impact of COVID-19.

There are 4.4 million people in desperate need of food in northeast Nigeria, the most impacted area of the country. Violence from terrorist groups like Boko Haram have forced over 2 million people to flee their homes in the region. U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria Mary Beth Leonard redeclared a disaster for the country “due to continued humanitarian needs resulting from the ongoing complex emergency in the northeast.”

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