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CBS Atlanta: Thousands of Americans trying to flee Afghanistan as crisis continues

ATLANTA (CBS46) — Thousands of Americans are trying to flee Afghanistan as President Joe Biden affirms his decision to pull U.S. Troops.

Among the groups are Georgians racing to get back home, some others seeking refuge where their families live.

“We just have a lot of people calling us on the phone, showing up at our doors,” explained Justin Howell, Deputy Director of the Atlanta chapter for the International Rescue Committee.

Howell told CBS46, anxiety and fear have flooded their office as Georgians are stuck in Afghanistan and even families already in the peach state begging for help to be reunited with their Afghan relatives.

“Two families we anticipated did make it on one of the final flights out of Afghanistan, we are welcoming them either today or tomorrow,” he said.

The path, though, for many others remains uncertain, not just for the International Rescue Committee but also Atlanta-based CARE.

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