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Chicago Tribune: In 1948, this WWII refugee got a CARE package from America. Last month, he paid it back

Former WWII refugee photo
Former WWII refugee photo

Gunter Nitsch is proof that for many former refugees, life gets better. That’s why the 78-year-old Chicago resident wrote a letter to a Zaher, an 8-year-old Syrian refugee, he’s never met before.

As a child, Nitsch and his family fled his home in East Prussia to escape the Russian army during WWII. Similarly, Zaher and his family fled to Jordan where they are trying to rebuild their lives as the war in their native Syria continues.

CARE, recently asked Nitsch and four other former WWII refugees to write letters to Syrian children refugees. “March 15 is the five-year anniversary of the Syrian crisis,” Brian Feagans, CARE’s director of communications told The Chicago Tribune.  “We’ve reached over 1 million people with food baskets, blankets, hygiene kits. On the five-year anniversary we wanted to send something else: hope.”

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