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Cotopaxi: Building Equity & Resilience in Ecuador

A woman wearing jeans and a navy CARE vest kneels down and writes information down on a notepad. Standing before her are two young boys. One of the boys is laughing, while the other plays with a yo-yo.

Cotopaxi is excited to welcome CARE Ecuador as their newest nonprofit partner. A branch of the nonprofit organization CARE International, CARE Ecuador has had a presence in Ecuador since 1959, and has officially had a dedicated branch working toward gender equity and community resilience since 1962.

For the rest of 2022, Cotopaxi’s grant to CARE Ecuador will help provide immediate assistance to those affected by flooding in the Cotopaxi Province, as well as to the growing number of Venezuelan refugees fleeing to Ecuador. Beginning in 2023, this partnership will assist CARE Ecuador’s innovative work supporting food security and gender equity. CARE Ecuador program manager Andrés Córdova says of the newfound partnership: “We saw that we could be a link between CARE and the Cotopaxi Foundation for humanitarian assistance, especially to women.”

Read the full press release on Cotopaxi’s website

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