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Devex: Humanitarian sector prepares for 'third emergency' in Mozambique


Devex quoted Jean-Dominique Bodard, CARE senior emergency response manager, and Saul Butters, CARE Mozambique assistant country directory, on the continued struggles Mozambique faces post Cyclone Idai and Cyclone Kenneth.  Both cyclones destroyed almost 2 million acres of crops and forced a widespread food dependency that will continue into next year. “This is the so-called ‘third emergency,’” said Bodard. In addition to the extreme natural disasters, the ongoing drought from climate change greatly effects the planting seasons. “It’s not just these big events that are happening. It’s the unpredictability of the seasons,” said Butters, “People are living much more on the edge and the food security issue is becoming a bigger and bigger challenge.” Read more here.


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