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Forbes: The Splendor Of Transporting Those Heartfelt Everyday Care Packages Via Self-Driving Cars And Other Self-Driving Vehicles

Sending a care package is a kind-hearted gesture and something we all have likely done or possibly been the recipient of.

A frequently cited example of sending a care package entails the now-classic summer camp gift-giving gambit. It goes something like this. A parent has let their youngster go off to summer camp and frets that all is going well. Is the food at the summer camp edible? Does the youngster have enough clothing for the duration of the summer camp experience?

And so on.

In an era prior to smartphones, there was no ready means to directly communicate with your child while they were ensconced in faraway forests and other hideaways. Parents would therefore opt to send a care package containing various additional provisions and get a twofer by doing so. One winning aspect was to ensure that their child had needed items on hand. The other was that the care package itself was a form of communication and basically said that the parent was thinking of their camp-going offspring.

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