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Global Citizen: "10 Humanitarian Crises That Need Your Attention in 2024"

Global Citizen covers CARE’s latest report, Breaking the Silence: “10 Humanitarian Crises That Need Your Attention in 2024.”

For nearly a decade, CARE has dedicated itself to shedding light on overlooked humanitarian crises. This year’s report, marking the eighth edition, underscores the dire struggles faced by millions in the shadows of hunger, climate change, conflict, and insecurity. Alarmingly, for the second consecutive year, all ten most under-reported crises are in Africa, encompassing everything from conflict in Angola to climate issues in Zimbabwe. The report emphasizes the need to bring attention to forgotten tragedies, like the shocking poverty in Burundi, often eclipsed by fleeting headlines. As news cycles grow shorter, CARE urges collective remembrance that every crisis, whether acknowledged or not, exacts a human toll.

The call to tell these stories and take action is more urgent than ever, with CARE steadfast in its commitment to aiding those in need and spotlighting neglected crises, hopeful that others will join the cause.

Read more about the report and the full article  here.



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