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GlobalPost: International community must do more in pressing for peace in South Sudan

© 2014 Photo: Josh Estey/CARE
© 2014 Photo: Josh Estey/CARE

Five CEOs, including CARE’s Helene Gayle, speak out on the need to end violence and improve humanitarian conditions in South Sudan. 

“The first anniversary of the conflict in South Sudan was an occasion to be marked with sadness last month. While it is the responsibility of South Sudan’s leaders to put down their weapons and commit to a political solution, there is more that the international community can do to promote peace and avert an even deeper humanitarian disaster in this young country.”

The CEOs from American Jewish World Service, CARE USA, Humanity United, International Rescue Committee, and United to End Genocide go on to say that “with each round of peace talks, we’ve hoped that the leaders of the warring parties would be motivated by the suffering of their own people to reach an agreement. Unfortunately, negotiations have failed to bring an end to the fighting or improve humanitarian conditions.” This continues to be the case, as the most recent round of negotiations were postponed, once again.

The leaders implore the international community to increase pressure on the parties to end the conflict now. “Further delays in the peace process will threaten to undermine its legitimacy, allow violence and displacement to claim more lives and dim the hope of recovery and progress.”

With as many as 4 million people in South Sudan (nearly one third of the population) facing food insecurity, there is no time to delay.

“The international community must urgently address these issues if they wish to promote a peaceful and prosperous future for the South Sudanese.

This young country, which so recently liberated itself from an unjust rule, remains full of promise. The South Sudanese fought for independence and must now strive for peace. The United States and the rest of the international community must move with haste to help them realize that goal.”

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