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Newsweek: CARE’s Amadou Bocoum’s OpEd on “The Sudan Crisis and Its Forgotten Toll on Neighboring Countries Like Chad”

CARE Chad Country Director Amadou Bocoum wrote an OpEd for Newsweek on the devastating humanitarian impact the Sudan crisis has had on neighboring countries like Chad, which is now home to more than 1.1 million refugees.

As he noted:

It is difficult to grasp the scale of human suffering endured by so many since a devastating civil war broke out in Sudan less than a year ago. More than 13,000 civilians have been killed and some 8 million people have been forced to flee their homes. Meanwhile, the health care system has been brought to the brink of collapse, fueling disease, and the country is starving. Tragically, the fighting shows no sign of letting up.

Read the OpEd here.

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