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NPR: Aid Groups Work to Help Syria's Displaced People

"Today, living in peace is the most important thing for us. This is what we dream. But the situation now ….our biggest problem is that we can feel hunger, but very little dignity. I hope I can return to Syria one day – at least to sell my property…just to have enough money to live in dignity, again.". Wafa, 56, and Samir, 66. Credit:CARE 

Wouter Schaap, CARE’s country director for Syria, joined NPR’s Mary Louise Kelley to discuss how CARE is ramping up efforts in Syria, where thousands have been displaced by the war. 

When asked what worries him most about the complex situation, he replied: ” I think the sheer scale of it and the complexity of it. It’s a war that has become a global war with, you know, major powers getting very heavily involved over the last couple of years. And with that level of complexity, regional players, global players all getting involved, it becomes a very difficult conflict to resolve. And people’s coping capacity sort of seven years into this crisis is being eroded.” 

Listen to the segment here


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