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The New York Times: Fears of New Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen After Attack on Port

"We lost my son in an airstrike attack. He was the only one we could depend on. Now we have nothing and no one to provide for us," said a weeping mother and grandmother to four young girls two years ago. Credit: Holly Frew/CARE

The New York Times quoted Jolien Veldwijk, CARE’s acting country director, in a story about the war in Yemen and the recent attack on its main port city from a Saudi-led coalition.

“This attack risks more people dying, but it also risks cutting the lifeline of millions of Yemenis,” she said. “Food imports already reached the lowest levels since the conflict started and the price of basic commodities has risen by a third,” she said. Read the full story here.

The Associated Press and Reuters also quoted Veldwick in their coverage of the attack. “Some civilians are entrapped, others forced from their homes,” she said. “We thought it could not get any worse, but unfortunately we were wrong.” See it here.

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