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USA Today: Does Trump want more Central Americans fleeing to US? That's what his aid cutoff will do.


USA Today published an op-ed by Sheba Crocker, CARE’s vice president of humanitarian policy and practice, in response to the Trump Administration’s threat to cut foreign assistance to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to stem the flow of migrants from those countries. CARE and other aid agencies signed a letter to Congress in opposition to the proposal. Crocker wrote that cutting aid will worsen the underlying problems which will only fuel more people to flee their country. Programs in these nations with American aid has seen success by bringing thousands of people out of extreme poverty and improving their standard of living, she wrote.  “We should never lose sight of the real-life implications these policies have on people.” Read more here. It was featured in the Wisconsin State Farmer here and The Coloradoan here, which are a part of the USA Today network, Yahoo News here and Yahoo here.


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