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Why the pandemic rages on women

Photo Credit: The Limited Times

36% of Argentine households have a woman as the main economic support . In the highest sectors, this is recorded in one in four cases. In the most vulnerable, one in two . The data is part of a work prepared by CIPPEC on the occasion of Women’s Day, before coronaviruses and pandemics were part of our daily reality. Among other conclusions, it was stated that “in single-parent homes, the tension that reconciles the generation of income and reproductive work is most seriously manifested, given the deficits of adequate care policies.” In Latin America , according to the United Nations,more than one in four households is run by women: it is the highest rate in the world. All that this implied was exacerbated by the outbreak of the virus . The UN now warns: “Women and girls in the region are disproportionately affected by the pandemic, both due to the risk of contracting the disease and the fact that care tasks fall on them, and most job insecurity ”. The call for attention is universal: there does not seem to be a corner of the planet that has been safe from what many, such as the International Labor Organization, consider a threat to the advancement of women in terms of equality in the workplace.

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