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A message to our CARE Supporters on the crisis in the Middle East 

Over the past week, the world has experienced extraordinary shock and grief born of targeted and unspeakable violence, abductions, and the deaths of 1,300 people in Israel – men, women, babies, children, and elders – along with other atrocities that are beyond comprehension. We now also watch as those living in Gaza face terrifying bombardments, no food, water or electricity, mass forced displacement, and death tolls surpassing 1,400 people.Innocent civilians are paying the highest price from these horrific events.As a humanitarian organization, CARE advocates for the innocent civilians who suffer in crisis and we unequivocally call for the observance of international humanitarian law – which demands the protection and safeguarding of civilians, the safe return of hostages, more humanitarian resources, and safe humanitarian access and passage.We are determined to stand with communities in need wherever we can, while upholding our commitment to humanitarian principles– which are essential to protecting our local, in-country staff, ensuring our ability to work in times of crisis, and allowing us to respond with humanity and compassion across lines of difference.Our CARE community is made up of people of all faiths and nationalities from more than 100 countries. We have Jewish staff and supporters who are devastated by the shocking images of terror and escalating anti-semitism, and we have Palestinian staff and supporters, having faced decades of hardship, who are filled with fear as they face bombs, mass orders to flee their homes, and no humanitarian support or safe passage.

CARE has been working with Palestinian communities in the West Bank Gaza since 1948. Currently our programs in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip benefit half a million civilians living in 100 marginalized and vulnerable communities each year. Right now we are planning our response to the enormous humanitarian needs emerging from this crisis. In Israel, we will work with select local organizations to support vulnerable women and girls.In all our work, we remain dedicated to our vision of a world of hope, inclusion, and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and all people live with dignity and security. Your support of CARE and our mission during this challenging time means so much to our teams around the world – thank you.As a CARE leader in the region shared so poignantly this week, “Our hearts are breaking for all people impacted by this and we wish for peace and resolution. We pray for peace in the world and for all the human souls.”

*Estimated as of 10/13/23

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