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CARE Calls for an Immediate Cessation to Hostilities in Gaza

© 2009 Juliette Seibold/CARE
© 2009 Juliette Seibold/CARE

CARE INTERNATIONAL WEST BANK AND GAZA (November 14, 2012) – In the wake of the rapidly escalating violence in and around Gaza and southern Israel, CARE calls for an immediate cessation of hostilities by all sides and for their strict adherence to International Humanitarian Law.

“We deeply regret and condemn the current spike in violence and loss of life in and around Gaza. The failure of all relevant actors to find a just and durable solution for Gaza creates conditions in which all sides revert to violence too often and too easily, with the Gaza civilians left paying the highest price. We therefore call upon all parties to the new conflict to act with the interest of the people of Gaza and south Israel in mind, abide by their obligations under international law and cease the ongoing hostilities,” said Country Director David White.

CARE is currently assisting 80,000 most vulnerable residents of the Gaza Strip, whose security and livelihoods have been undermined by a five-year-long naval and land blockade, in meeting their basic food needs. The majority are women and girls who bear the brunt of conflict and poverty.

Media Contacts:

West Bank and Gaza: David White, CARE, dwhite@carewbg.org, + 972 (0)54 779 77 36

West Bank and Gaza: Ana Uzelac, CARE, auzelac@carewbg.org, 972 (0)54 779 77 24

Washington, D.C.: Stephanie Chen, CARE, schen@care.org, +1 202-595-2824

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