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CARE Condemns Proposed Refugee Cap

Emily Kinskey/CARE

Emily Kinskey/CARE

In response to the Administration’s decision to lower refugee admissions to a historic low of 15,000, David Ray, CARE’s vice president of policy and advocacy, released the following statement:

“The administration’s proposal to lower the number of refugees admitted into the United States to an historically low 15,000 people is disgraceful. Immigration was foundational to the birth of America  and to close our doors to the world’s most vulnerable at a time of historic displacement is frankly un-American.

Today, there are 26M refugees around the world, more than at any time since the Second World War. Countries with significantly less resources than United States like Bangladesh, Jordan, and Kenya have all opened their arms to vulnerable people escaping conflict. The United States must stand beside them and fulfill our duty as a humanitarian leader.

Our American values demand that we help those in need. This decision is an affront to the dignity of vulnerable people fleeing conflict and persecution around the world—particularly women and children. CARE calls on the United States to restore its legacy as a global leader in resettling the most vulnerable and to redouble assistance, policy support, and diplomatic engagement to protect and assist the millions of displaced people around the world.”


For more information or interviews:

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