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CARE Condemns US Green Light to Keep Refueling Saudi and UAE Planes Attacking Yemen

CREDIT: Abdulhakim/CARE
CREDIT: Abdulhakim/CARE

WASHINGTON (Sept 12, 2018) — CARE, the global humanitarian and development organization, is deeply disappointed by US Secretary of State’s certification today to continue refueling Saudi- and UAE-led coalition planes in the Yemen conflict.

David Ray, CARE’s VP of Policy and Advocacy, said:

“The finding that the Saudis and their allies are making good faith efforts to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Yemen is not supported by facts and is simply not credible.


In the last month alone, the coalition dropped a US-made bomb on a school bus, killing 40 children and civilians. In fact, August was one of the bloodiest months in the brutal Yemeni civil war. Despite attacks by both sides, the Saudi-and UAE-led coalition was responsible for the majority of civilian casualties.

Yemen remains the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, with more than 8 million people on the brink of famine.


Today’s certification required Pompeo to demonstrate that the coalition is making a serious effort at diplomacy along with actions to reduce the risk to civilians and civilian infrastructure. Despite failing on at least two of these fronts, the US just gave them a green light to continue the devastating attacks on Yemen.”

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