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CARE responds to the Biden Administration’s Executive Order on Afghanistan’s Assets

In response to the recent US Executive Order on Afghanistan’s assets held in the United States, CARE urges the Biden Administration to collaborate more closely with Afghans – particularly Afghan women and local NGOs – to ensure that the country’s assets best serve the people of Afghanistan.

Afghans are bearing the brunt of the spiraling economic crisis which has been exacerbated by US foreign policy. The impact on the population has been dramatic and humanitarian needs have surged. Men, women and children are being pushed to the brink of famine while waiting for concrete solutions to address their suffering. It is vital that the Administration urgently pursues interim steps and additional policy actions to increase economic stability and liquidity in the country.

Expanded humanitarian aid is essential, but it is insufficient unless the cash shortages, broader economic challenges, and the impending collapse of vital institutions are addressed. The wellbeing of Afghans is best supported by ensuring families can access livelihood opportunities, markets are functional, and people have the cash needed to meet their own food, health, and other critical needs.

The Administration’s next course of action must ensure that Afghan people are central to, not collateral damage of, US policy. Any distraction from this imperative risks exacerbating the life-threatening hardship of Afghan families.

For More Information:
Rachel Kent
CARE Senior Press Officer


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