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CARE Statement on Hurricane Beryl’s Landfall in the US

July 8, 2024 – “Our hearts go out to all those in Beryl’s path, a devastating storm fueled by climate change that made landfall earlier today on the Texas Gulf Coast as a Category 1 hurricane. Of particular concern are especially vulnerable communities who will struggle to meet their basic needs in the wake of the storm.

Life threatening storm surge and flooding pose great risk to the Houston area, while 70 MPH winds threaten the integrity of homes and buildings. The possibility of tornadoes adds to the risk of displacement for families. Harris County (home to Houston) estimates that over 2.7 million families are without power. This will disproportionately impact vulnerable and food insecure families due to the loss of essential and stockpiled foods.

In response, CARE is actively reaching out to our partners in the Houston area to assess Beryl’s impact and determine the level of disaster relief needed. Through our CARE Partner Network, we are committed to providing families and individuals with emergency cash, food, and water assistance to help navigate this crisis.

The CARE Partner Network plays a critical role in our disaster response efforts in the US. This network, comprising 18 dedicated partners across the US, including along the Gulf Coast and in Puerto Rico, exemplifies our collective commitment to providing aid to those most in need during times of crisis. By pooling our expertise and resources, we strive together to address immediate needs and build more resilient communities.”

– Amir Farokhi, CARE, Executive Director of US Programs

For media inquiries, please contact usa.media@care.org.

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