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CARE Statement on Ongoing Cuts to Global Food Aid Funding

Statement by Deepmala Mahla, CARE USA, Vice President of Humanitarian Affairs

“Cuts in humanitarian funding at a time of growing hunger throughout the world is extremely concerning.

The WFP plays a critical role in helping some of the world’s most vulnerable populations stave off the specter of famine and is often the last lifeline for women and girls who have unequal opportunities and resources.

The reduction of food assistance in Afghanistan due to a lack of funding – preceded by a similar announcement last month on Yemen – reflects a worrisome apathy on the part of donors towards solving a global hunger crisis spiraling out of control.

Now, as we head into the winter, that threat of famine will continue to hang over the lives of tens of millions of Afghans, Yemenis, and others absent a serious commitment to sustained funding to combat global hunger.

Further, as food insecurity increases, people are often forced to rely on harmful coping mechanisms that can impact lives and communities in the long term – from displacement and withdrawing children from school, to survival sex and early or forced marriage. If quality funding doesn’t reach communities fast, the consequences could last for years to come.

Growing hunger is not a given, it’s a concession to inaction. Donors must fulfil their commitments and obligations.”

Media contact: Anisa Husain, CARE US Press Officer,  anisa.husain@care.org

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