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CARE to Congress: "This is not the time for a business-as-usual budget"

Walter Mawere / CARE International

Walter Mawere / CARE International

March 13, 2024 — In a time of immense and protracted humanitarian crises and deeply-rooted poverty, now is the time to double down on U.S. leadership in foreign assistance.

Congress has not finalized its FY24 budget and has so far failed to pass the National Security Supplemental, which includes more than $9 billion of urgently needed emergency humanitarian assistance. Yet now Congress must turn to FY25 funding. We are grateful for President Biden’s leadership and proposals to increase spending for humanitarian and development assistance. Whether in Haiti, Somalia, Gaza, or Sudan, people are struggling to protect their children, to put food on their tables, and to ensure roofs over their heads – and women are facing disproportionate and compounding challenges.

This is not the time for a business-as-usual budget. Foreign assistance saves lives and represents the best of the American spirit. People in crisis cannot wait.

For media inquiries, please contact: usa.media@care.org

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